Politopop is an app for quickly and easily seeing what bills are going through Congress and contact your representatives.
Don't let your voice go unheard just because you don't have the time to research every issue!
Don't let a vocal minority carry this country where you don't want it to go!
We have begun a soft launch of the app! We want anyone who has an interest in politics to get started immediately!
You can help us improve our app by sending us feedback right in the app.
No groups to join or signup necessary. Just start using the app and chat with us by clicking on the message icon.
Check Out The App
Find my Representatives
Use your address to quickly find the members of Congress that represent you
Make Contact
Quickly and easily contact your representatives in the House and Senate
All Bills
Get information on every bill passing through Congress and keep updated on new legislation
Pre-Written Drafts
Use drafts that have been made available by others to contact your representatives about a particular bill or issue
Upcoming Features
Following Bills
Follow bills so you can quickly view bills that are important to you
Engagement Drives
Share your cause and get others to join your call to action
We The People
View petitions from the Whitehouse website We The People
View All Active Bills
View All Bills
View All Issues


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