Welcome - Setup Database

If you are seeing this page, then the site you are viewing is either in the process of being setup or reconfigured. Please check back soon to view the content you would normally expect to find.

If you are the site administrator, this is a normal page to find during the setup process. Seeing this page means that the database is not setup correctly. If you are unfamiliar with the instructions outlined below, please contact your website developer or hosting provider.

This application includes a database module that cannot connect to the database. If you have not done so, please check the contents of the configuration file, which by default is at /bin/businesscms/config/system.config. The particular database module that you have included may have more documentation about any other setup that may be necessary.

Below is a segment of the system.config file that is realtive to databases. Please check the entries on your system to see they match your database configuration.

# Persistence Setup
# PersistenceLayer - Indicator of the persistence layer to use ('mysql', 'cassandra', etc)

PersistenceLayer = mysql

# Database Setup
# DatabaseEnabled - Indicator whether the database is enabled ('true' or 'false')
# DatabaseHost - Name of the machine where the database was installed
# DatabaseName - Name of the database, established during database setup
# DatabaseUsername - The username for the credentials used to access the database
# DatabasePassword - The password for the credentials used to access the database

DatabaseEnabled = true
DatabaseHost = localhost
DatabaseName = businesscms
DatabaseUsername = root
DatabasePassword = mysql